Dash Camera



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  • Introducing the myTVS Dash Camera at Rs. 5950.00, your ultimate travel companion!

    Powerful Performance: Connects via 12 V power plug for continuous recording without battery drain.

    Smart Surveillance: Features motion detection and G-Sensor for instant recording of sudden movements or impacts.

    Clear Night Vision: Drive confidently in low-light with crystal-clear footage.

    Ample Storage: Supports up to 32 GB micro SD card for recording more memories.

    High-Quality Audio: Built-in microphone captures clear audio for detailed recordings.

    Crystal-Clear Imagery: 1080p resolution ensures sharp visuals.

    Invest in safety and memories with the myTVS Dash Camera—a reliable journey companion.

    • 1.12 V Power Plug.

      2. Motion Detection.

      3. Actuated by G-Sensor (Gravity sensor)

      4. Night Vision capturing.

      5. Upto 32 GB micro SD card Support.

      6. Microphone with high quality.

      7. Camera resolution 1080 pixels.