Car wash and wax car
Car Wash & Wax Car
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Car Wash & Wax Car


The car gets dirty due to dust, pollution, and other contaminants. It not only makes the car look bad but can also damage the body of the car. While washing cleans the surface, waxing acts as a barrier between contaminants and the car. Get your car washed and cleaned at Auto Car Repair in Gurgaon. Our team will clean the car surface thoroughly and wax it to protect it from contaminants.

The following services are included under the Car Wash & Wax service:

  • Matching Polishing with Compound
  • Pressure Care Wash
  • Alloy Polishing
  • Wax Polishing
  • Tyre Dressing

Note * The prices are inclusive of labour with  Material

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Car Type

Hatchback, Luxury, Mini SUV, Sedan, SUV