Scheduled Packages

Battery Replacement

 4 Hour(s) Taken
  • Car Does Not Starts
  • Electrical System Does Not Work

Available at Doorstep

Securely remove the old battery

Check for leaks and corrosion

Test and reset electronics

Charging System Inspection

Load Test


Battery Charging

 24 Hour(s) Taken
  • Car Does Not Starts
  • Electrical System Does Not Work

Available at Doorstep

Safety Precautions


Charger Monitoring

Battery Temperature Monitoring

Battery Testing


What is Auto Car Repair?

Auto Car Repair stands out as a versatile multi-brand car repair service station. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our skilled technicians, transparent pricing, authentic parts, and an unwavering dedication to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.  

What Services Can Be Availed at Auto Car Repair?

Auto Car Repair offers a wide range of car repair and maintenance services, including:

Periodic Service
Brake Repair
AC Service and Repair
Oil Change
Dent Repair and Body Sculpting
Car Wash and Wax
Underchassis Rust Coating
Full Body Painting
Interior Detailing
Bumper Repainting
Car Spa


Does Auto Car Repair Use Genuine Products?

Auto Car Repair uses 100% genuine products and parts during car services to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.

Are Technicians at Auto Car Repair Certified and Experienced with Multiple Car Brands?

Yes, our technicians are highly trained, certified, and experienced in servicing various car brands.

How Often Should I Bring my Car in for Routine Maintenance?

The recommended maintenance intervals vary by car make and model. Our technicians can provide you recommendations based on your car model and its condition.

What Sets Auto Car Repair Apart From Others?

Auto Car Repair's commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction sets it apart from others, ensuring safety as a top priority.