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Road Side Assistance


Roadside assistance provides crucial support in unexpected situations. Whether facing a flat tyre, dead battery, or running out of fuel, roadside assistance services offer prompt help. Additionally, services may include towing, lockout assistance, and minor repairs. Subscribing to roadside assistance ensures peace of mind, knowing that help is just a call away, making your journeys safer and more secure.


Comprehensive Coverage

Offering various on-road services for all cars keeping you protected on the road.


Our skilled professionals have the expertise in handling repairs for various vehicle makes and models.


Help is just a call away with our comprehensive roadside assistance service.


Why Roadside Assistance is Necessary?

1. Emergency Support: Roadside assistance provides crucial help in emergencies such as vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, or battery failures, offering prompt assistance to drivers stranded on the road.

2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that help is available 24/7, roadside assistance offers peace of mind to drivers, alleviating concerns about being stranded in unfamiliar or unsafe locations.

3. Convenience: Roadside assistance services offer convenience by providing various services such as towing, jump-starting batteries, and delivering fuel, saving drivers time and hassle during unexpected emergencies.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of roadside assistance services are typically offered?

Roadside assistance services often include towing, tire changes, battery jump-starts, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and minor mechanical repairs to help drivers with various emergencies on the road.

2. Is roadside assistance available 24/7?

Yes, Auto Car Repair (myTVS) offers around-the-clock service, ensuring assistance is available anytime, day or night, to help drivers in need of emergency support.

3. How does roadside assistance work?

When a driver encounters a roadside emergency, they can contact Auto Car Repair (myTVS) through a phone call. The service center will dispatch a service vehicle to the location to help address the issue.