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Top 8 Signs Your Car’s Brake Caliper Is Not Working Properly

brake caliper

Car brakes caliper are vital for safety, enabling drivers to slow down or stop their vehicles. They work by converting kinetic energy into heat through friction between brake pads and rotors/discs. 

A brake caliper is a critical component of your vehicle’s braking system. They are responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads, which clamp down on the rotors to slow or stop the car. When brake calipers malfunction, it can compromise your safety on the road. 

Regular maintenance ensures optimal brake performance and driver safety. Regular car brake maintenance is crucial for sustained optimal performance, preserving brake components, and enhancing overall driver safety on the road.

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Find below the 8 signs indicating that your car’s brake calipers are not working properly.

car brake caliper

How to Know If Your Car Brake Caliper Requires Servicing?

Car brake caliper servicing includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and potentially replacing calipers. This ensures proper functioning, optimal braking performance, and overall vehicle safety on the road.

Find below the top 8 signs that indicate the malfunction of your car’s brake caliper:

1. Spongy Brake Pedal

A spongy or soft car brake pedal is often a sign of air or moisture in the brake lines, but it can also indicate a problem with the car brake calipers. If the calipers are sticking or not releasing properly, it can cause the pedal to feel mushy and unresponsive.

2. Uneven Brake Pad Wear

Inspect the brake pads regularly for signs of uneven wear. If one pad wears down significantly faster than the others, it could indicate a sticking or malfunctioning brake caliper. Uneven wear can also lead to brake noise and reduced braking efficiency.

3. Brake Fluid Leaks

Car brake fluid leaks around the brake calipers are a clear indication of a problem. Leaking brake fluid can lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure, resulting in diminished braking power and increased stopping distances. Check for wet spots or puddles of brake fluid near the calipers.

4. Visible Damage or Corrosion 

Inspect the car brake calipers for any signs of physical damage or corrosion. Cracks, warping, or corrosion on the brake caliper body can affect its ability to function properly and may require replacement. Additionally, damaged calipers can lead to brake fluid leaks and brake failure.

5. Brake Drag 

A dragging sensation when driving or a burning smell after driving could indicate that one or more brake calipers are sticking or not releasing properly. This can occur due to rust buildup, worn caliper pistons, or deteriorated seals. Brake drag not only affects fuel efficiency but also causes premature brake wear.

6. Vibration or Shuddering 

If you experience vibration or shuddering when applying the brakes, it could be a sign of warped brake calipers. Warped calipers can cause uneven pressure on the brake pads, resulting in pulsation or vibration felt through the steering wheel or brake pedal during braking.

7. Squealing or Grinding Noises 

Unusual noises such as squealing, grinding, or clicking when braking are often indicative of car brake caliper issues. Squealing can occur when the caliper piston sticks and causes uneven pressure on the brake pads. Grinding noises may indicate metal-to-metal contact between the pads and rotors due to a seized caliper.

8. Brake Warning Light 

If the brake warning light illuminates on your dashboard, it could signal various issues, including brake caliper problems. Modern vehicles are equipped with brake wear sensors that detect abnormalities in brake system components, including calipers. If the warning light comes on, have your brakes inspected immediately.

Recognizing the signs of car brake caliper problems is essential for maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to have your brakes inspected by a qualified mechanic and avail of a car service near me. Ignoring brake caliper issues can lead to costly repairs, compromised safety, and potentially dangerous driving conditions.

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