5 Warning Signs Your Car Engine Needs an Oil Change Service

An engine is considered the heart of the car as it powers the car to function. The car engine is a mechanical component that converts fuel into mechanical energy. It is responsible for providing the power needed to propel the vehicle forward.

The engine has many metal parts that move against each other at high speeds, such as pistons, crankshafts, and camshafts. These metal parts generate a lot of heat and friction as they move. If they were to come into direct contact with each other, it could cause damage and wear to the engine.

A car engine needs oil to lubricate its internal components and reduce friction between them. The oil also helps to dissipate heat and cool the engine, as it flows through the engine. Over time, oil can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and other contaminants. These can reduce the effectiveness of the oil and therefore, regular oil change service is necessary.

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5 Top Functions of Car Engine Oil

Car engine oil plays a critical role in maintaining the health and longevity of a vehicle’s engine. Here are 5 key functions of using high-quality engine oil:

  1. Lubrication

    Engine oil helps to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, such as pistons, bearings, and crankshaft. This reduces friction and wear, which can prolong the life of the engine and prevent costly repairs.

  2. Cooling

    Engine oil also helps to cool down the engine by carrying away the heat generated by the engine. This helps to prevent overheating and damage to the engine.

  3. Cleaning

    Engine oil helps to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can build up inside the engine over time. This can help to prevent clogs and other issues that can lead to engine damage.

  4. Corrosion Protection

    Engine oil provides a layer of protection against rust and other forms of corrosion that can develop inside the engine. This helps to prevent damage and prolong the engine’s life.

  5. Fuel Efficiency

    High-quality engine oil can improve fuel efficiency by reducing the amount of energy lost to friction and heat. This can help to save money on gas over time and reduce the vehicle’s environmental impact.

Hence, car engine oil is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the car engine. 

5 Warning Signs to Know that Indicate the Need for an Oil Change Service

Regular oil change service is an essential aspect of maintaining your vehicle’s engine. The engine oil is responsible for lubricating its components, which helps to reduce friction and wear, prolonging the lifespan of your engine. 

car engine

Find below the 5 warning signs that indicate the requirement for an oil change service.

  • Dirty or Dark Oil

One of the most obvious signs that you need an oil change is dirty or dark oil. As oil breaks down, it becomes contaminated with dirt and debris that can affect its performance. If you check your oil and notice that it is dark, gritty, or sludgy, it’s time to get it changed.

  • Loud Engine Noise

If your engine is making loud or unusual noises, it may be a sign that you need an oil change. When the oil in your engine breaks down, it can cause metal-to-metal contact between the moving parts. It can result in loud knocking or grinding sounds. If you notice any unusual noises coming from your engine, it’s best to get a regular oil change service.

  • Warning Lights

Many newer vehicles have warning lights that indicate when it’s time to get an oil change. Typically, the warning light will display an icon of an oil can or the word “oil” and will illuminate when your engine oil needs to be changed. If you see this warning light, don’t ignore it. Schedule an oil change service as soon as possible.

  • Reduced Performance

As the oil in your engine breaks down, it can affect your vehicle’s performance. You may notice a reduction in power, acceleration, or fuel efficiency. If your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it used to, it may be a sign that you need a regular oil change service.

  • Burning Smell

If you smell burning oil or notice smoke coming from your engine, it’s a clear sign that you need an oil change. When the oil in your engine breaks down, it can cause friction between the moving parts, leading to overheating and potential engine damage. If you notice a burning smell or smoke, pull over immediately and get your vehicle checked out by a professional mechanic.

In conclusion, getting regular oil changes is essential to maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle. By addressing the above warning signs and scheduling regular oil change service, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Oil Change Service at Auto Car Repair

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