Don’t Ignore the 5 Warning Signs Indicating That Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

When you get into your car and turn on its ignition, you expect your car to start. Further, you press the accelerator and your car starts moving forward. However, at times, your car may not start or move ahead as usual.

Your car is a mechanical machine that requires periodic maintenance service to function smoothly and safely over time. All car manufacturers recommend that you adhere to the car maintenance schedule to keep your car well-maintained. Regular service ensures that all components of your car continue to function optimally.

Auto Car Repair is a multi-brand car service center that offers high-quality car repair and maintenance services in Gurugram.

Find below the most common 5 warning signs that indicate the requirement of a car tune-up.

What is a Car Tune-Up Service?

A car tune-up service involves various preventive maintenance services that ensures that your car continues to function optimally. A tune-up service ensures that your car engine, brakes, exhaust systems, wheels, etc., are well-maintained.

It basically involves various car engine services such as inspecting and replacing fluids, filters, etc. It further involves inspection of spark plugs, belts, and hoses and replacing the damaged or worn parts. The mechanic will also check the brake system along with wheels and tires.

5 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Car Requires a Tune-Up Service

Your car is designed to alert you whenever something is not working properly or it requires a car service. If you keep a check on these warning signs, you may be able to address potential issues before they become major repairs. Periodic maintenance service is therefore a major part of owning and maintaining your car.

Find below the 5 warning signs that indicate your car requires a tune-up:

  • Warning Lights Turn On

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Your car dashboard comes equipped with different warning lights that indicate a problem in your car. Whenever a dashboard light comes on, you must take your car to a professional mechanic for an inspection. It may seem like a minor issue but if not addressed on time, it can lead to a major issue.

For example, if the engine oil pressure light comes on, it indicates that the engine oil level is too low which can damage the engine. Therefore, it is important to avail of car engine service to ensure that your car engine continues to operate optimally.

  • Lower Fuel Mileage

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Every car owner wants to have a good fuel efficiency that helps him in travelling more distance with less fuel consumption. However, over time the car’s fuel efficiency starts to reduce. But this happens after a lot of years when the car starts to get old or worn out.

In case you notice a sudden decrease in your car’s fuel efficiency, it might be a warning sign that something is wrong in your car.

You must take your car for an inspection and a tune-up service to ensure optimal fuel efficiency. 

  • Unusual Noises

Warning, sign, Car

If your hear any squealing or grinding noises when you start your car, it might indicate a problem in your car’s system. It can indicate a problem with your car’s brakes, belts, or hoses. If you hear any such noises, immediately take your car to a professional mechanic.

Periodic maintenance service helps to keep your car’s components functioning optimally. It includes a tune-up where a professional mechanic checks and replaces any worn out components.

  • Car Engine Problems

Warning, sign, Car

If it takes a lot of time to start your car, it may indicate a problem with your car’s engine. Normally, your car should start as soon as you turn on the car’s ignition. But if it takes a lot of tries, it is a clear indication that there is a problem in the engine.

If this is happening frequently, you must take your car to a professional mechanic for a tune-up service. The mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem and provide necessary repairs to ensure your car runs smoothly.

  • Brakes Not Working Properly

Warning, sign, Car

It is essential to have reliable brakes to ensure a safe drive. However, like other car components, they also tend to wear down over time. If you notice that your car is taking too long to stop or the car brakes are making squealing or grinding noises, it may be a time for a car tune-up.

As soon as you notice an issue with your car brakes, you must take your car to a professional mechanic. The mechanic will perform the necessary tune-up and ensure your car brakes work properly.

A car tune-up service helps in maintaining the reliability and safety of your car. It ensures that all components are working properly delivering a safe and smooth ride. It is also recommended to adhere to periodic maintenance service to identify problems at an early stage before they affect your car performance.

Exceptional Car Services at Auto Car Repair

The multi-brand car service center offers a wide range of car services in Gurugram. They employ experienced and trained technicians who have the expertise is repairing and service different cars. They also use the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure quality services.

Book your periodic maintenance service at Auto Car Repair and ensure a smooth and safe drive!

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