Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Car Exterior Clean During the Rainy Season

Rains provide a welcome respite from the hot scorching sun! But they bring with them a set of new challenges!

While you may enjoy the rainy weather, your car might not! Rain brings water, filth, grime, etc., which can be damaging to your car. However, with regular car cleaning service, you can reduce the extent of this damage and maintain your car for a longer time.

Find below some helpful tips for car cleaning that can help you navigate the rainy season with ease!

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Car Clean During the Rainy Season!

  • Keep Your Car Windows and Windshield Clean

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Your car windows and windshield are most prone to get dirty during the rainy season. The rainwater leaves behind watermarks and dirt which can make it difficult for you to see clearly outside. It can increase the risk of accidents compromising your and your passenger’s safety.

You must clean your car windows and windshield regularly during the rainy season. Use a specialized glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get rid of dirt and stains. Dry the windows and windshield after washing to avoid any marks later on. 

  • Car Wax

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Car wax is an essential car cleaning service that you must avail of before the beginning of the monsoon. The rainwater can cause damage to your car’s body paint. It will be more damaging when the sun comes out as the water will evaporate leaving behind dirt and contaminants.

In such a case, car wax will help in protecting your car’s paint. It acts as a barrier between the car paint and the contaminants. It is also easier to wash off dirt on a waxed surface. The car wax will retain the polished look of your car even in the rainy season.

  • Regular Car Wash

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You must regularly wash your car during the rainy season. The rainwater is acidic and can damage your car’s surface. Also, dust and dirt tend to stick to your car’s surface damaging the car exterior. Even though your car might be wet, you need to wash it to remove the contaminants.

You must wash your car in a shaded and dry area. Use a specialized car shampoo and microfiber cloth to wash the car surfaces. Remove all the dirt and contaminants but don’t scrub too harshly as it can scratch the paint. If your car is too dirty, consider availing of a professional car wash service. 

  • Maintain Your Car’s Headlights

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Your car’s headlights are vital during the monsoon. They help you navigate easily on a rainy day. Therefore, you must ensure that they are clean and functioning well. Before the rainy season, get your car’s headlights inspected and repaired, if necessary.

Wipe your car’s headlights regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and watermarks. Also, condensation is likely in the wet weather which can reduce the brightness of your car’s headlights. The lights dissipate heat when turned on and they cool down when turned off. This can lead to condensation on the inside. The vents on your headlights should be able to prevent condensation. However, rainwater can clog them which can lead to condensation. Make sure you clean your headlights or get a professional car cleaning service to keep your headlights working efficiently.

  • Keep Your Windshield Wipers in Good Condition

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Your car’s windshield wipers are your best friend on a rainy day. They help to clear away the rainwater from your car’s windshield improving your visibility on the road. Ensure your car’s windshield wipers are working properly before the monsoon begins. Get them repaired and cleaned by professionals to ensure their efficiency in wet weather.

Make sure to clean your windshield wipers regularly. Remove any debris or leaves that get accumulated on your windshield. Wipe the wipers with a microfiber cloth to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on it.

Regular car cleaning service is essential in the monsoon season to protect your car’s exterior from damage. By following the above tips you can ensure that your car does not lose its aesthetic appeal while ensuring your safety during the monsoon season.

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